Get on house with facial approval and time your shade time with facepunch, a facial approval punch time from dekuNukem.

dekuNukem facepunch hiss pi facial recognition

image c/o dekuNukem

How it works

dekuNukem uses a Raspberry Pi 3, a Raspberry Pi camera module, and an OLED shade for a build. You don’t particularly need to embody a OLED board, yet it really adds to a altogether effect, vouchsafing we perspective your daily and weekly shade time during a peek yet carrying to entrance your Raspberry Pi for data.

As dekuNukem explains in a GitHub repo for a build, they used a perf house to mountain a shade and trustworthy it to a Raspberry Pi. This is a nice, elementary means of pulling a whole plan together yet lax wires or a need for a mutated case.

dekuNukem facepunch hiss pi facial recognition

image c/o dekuNukem

This face_recognition library lets a Pi + camera register your face. You’ll also need a good illuminated 400×400 sketch of yourself to act as a anxiety for a library. From there, a few commands should get we started.

Uses for facial recognition

You could simply use facepunch for a dictated purpose, yet here during Pi Towers we’ve been deliberating serve uses for a build. We’re all guilty of sitting for too prolonged during the desks, so because not incorporate a “get adult and travel around” notification? How about a flashing LED that tells we to “drink some water”? You could even go a small deeper (though presumably a small Big Brother) and set adult an “I’m behind during my desk” presentation on Slack, to let your colleagues know you’re available.

You could also take this incursion into facial approval and incorporate it into home automation projects: a user-identifying Magic Mirror, perhaps, or a doorbell that recognises friends and family.

What would we do with facial approval on a Raspberry Pi?

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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