Your alarm goes off, and it’s so cold that getting out from under your covers feels like stepping into the Antarctic.

Maybe this is slightly dramatic, but with temperatures dropping quickly and the snow storms brewing, you need to find a way to keep your home warm — and fast. If you’re an apartment or condo renter, you may not have the sway to convince your landlord to invest in better insulation (much less even control the heat in your own unit, in some cases). Even homeowners know that sometimes the newest homes can have cold spaces that need warming up.

Whether you’re a renter who wants to keep a poorly insulated apartment warm at night without a space heater, or you’re a homeowner who’s looking for hacks to stop drafty windows and doors, there are plenty of budget-friendly products for every kind of home. From effective draft stoppers to practical lined curtains, these products will keep even the coldest of people warm.

Stay warm without wearing multiple layers with these 12 finds:

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