She afterwards changed on to Mr. Shott, a Republican and a chair of a law committee, who was presiding over a hearing. She pronounced that he had collectively taken $8,000 from courtesy interests. VoteSmart lists $4,500 contributed to Mr. Shott from a oil and gas courtesy and another $3,500 from a mining industry.

Then, as Ms. Lucas prepared to pierce on to Jason S. Harshbarger, a Republican nominee she is using to unseat, Mr. Shott cut in.

“Ms. Lucas, we ask no personal comments be made,” he said.

She protested, arguing her comments weren’t personal.

“It is a personal criticism and I’m going to call we out of sequence if you’re articulate about people on a committee,” Mr. Shott said. “So if we would residence a bill. If not, I’ll ask we to greatfully step down.”

Ms. Lucas’s microphone was cut off shortly afterward. At Mr. Shott’s request, dual group approached her, clasped her arms and escorted her from a floor.

Ms. Lucas, 46, pronounced in an talk on Monday that she was reduction endangered with being inaugurated than with a emanate that caused her to attend a hearing.

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“I consider politics contingency siphon your essence out somehow,” she said. “I don’t unequivocally caring so most if we win or not so prolonged as whoever’s representing us is not aggressive a skill rights.”

Mr. Shott on Monday shielded his preference to cut Ms. Lucas off, and pronounced that he did not see because a debate donations were applicable to a bill.


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“I consider a merits of a check is what we wanted to hear about,” he said.

He deserted a avowal that he and others were in a industry’s pocket. “We done countless changes that a courtesy did not wish that were some-more auspicious to a landowners, a vegetable owners and aspect owners,” he said.

He pronounced that he believed Ms. Lucas’s criticism was a setup, and he suggested that she had approaching to be filmed. (Ms. Lucas pronounced she had approaching to be gaveled though not to be “carted out.” She pronounced she had been sent mixed versions of a video after a episode, though had not concurrent with anyone in advance.)

The check Ms. Lucas spoke out against, House Bill 4268, would assent companies to cavalcade on private land after receiving a agree of 75 percent of a landowners. Current law requires that companies obtain capitulation from all a influenced landowners, permitting any particular to forestall drilling.

Ms. Lucas, a self-described introvert who was innate and lifted in West Virginia, manages interactive media for a site that sells chickens.

But she is ardent about her plantation nearby Cairo, W.Va., where she has vegetable rights. She has paid tighten courtesy to a oil and gas industry’s pull to buy some-more and some-more skill in new years.

“People out here aren’t opposite drilling and hoary fuels by and large,” she said. “In general, people like a gas. It’s that we don’t wish a skill invasion. These companies are perplexing to force people to give adult their vegetable rights, force people to take bad leases.”

Explaining because she had motionless to run, she said, “I got increasingly disturbed that if we kept my nose buried in my garden, we wouldn’t have a garden to keep it buried it in.”

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